We are For Sale!

We opened our shop over three years ago in Downtown with the dream of making Troy a better place to live and work. Troy has come a long way since 2005, and so have The Mamas. We've loved being a part of the redevelopment efforts in our city and even more so being a part of the community (and oh, what a community it is!!). However, like all good things we are coming to the end of our journey as café owners and are ready to move onto other endeavors. We absolutely plan to stick around this lovely city and hopefully you have not seen the last of our entrepreneurial adventures!

In the meantime we still like to think that good things don't have to come to an end... if YOU have any interest in becoming more involved in Troy re-development, have ever had a dream to own your own business, or just can't imagine life without our smoothies then you should come in and chat with us about ownership possibilities. We are extremely flexible and would love to see the shop live on.