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Metroland 2008 Best of Food & Drink

Best Smoothies: Shake Shake Mamas
258 Broadway, Troy

How lucky are we? The smoothies are a cool, healthy, luscious afternoon respite, and the Mamas make us weak in the knees.

Metroland 2007 Best of Food & Drink

PHOTO: Shannon DeCelle

Best Smoothie: Shake Shake Mamas
258 Broadway, Troy

Where do we begin? The food is bomb-diggity, the ambiance lovely, and the Mamas are divine. But those smoothies. Oh, those smoothies: Four Berry, Peach Pear, Peanut Butter Banana. The Hans Solo has the sweet, roguish charm of a blaster-strapped Harrison Ford, and the Ooh La Lublin is so scrumptious, so satisfying with the sweetness, that it's sure to tame even the most beastly programmer. Come for the smoothies, and stay for everything else.

Metroland 2006 Best of Food & Drink

Best Vegetarian
1. Antipasto's
2. Shades of Green
3. Tie: Shake Shake Mama's, Honest Weight Co-op Café