The Mamas

How We Met

A long time ago in the year 1995, the fateful move of Nada's family to Hyde Park, NY brought her together with Royah for the first time. An affinity for vampire novels, singer Tori Amos and heavy lip-liner helped seal the deal and before long the girls were inseparable. The friendship spanned miles as the two went their separate ways for college, but the shared mix-tapes are evidence of their continued involvement in each others lives even from a distance.

After grad school, Royah--having lived in Troy since 1998 and being completely enamored with the city--invited Nada to move in with her. Nada's eventual migration to Troy resulted in a life full of wonderful friends, exciting career opportunities and of course more time with her buddy! Now she loves Troy and the two continue their journey through life together as friends and business partners...usually happily, sometimes begrudgingly, and always thankfully.

Owning Shake Shake Mamas

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